SMF-800 Plastic shredding grinding milling machine for PVC/SPC sheet board

Plastic shredding grinding milling machine are especially suitable for the recycling of large-size waste plastics such as wall panels, hollow building templates, imitation marble panels, and foam panels produced with PVC, SPC, and WPC raw materials.

Plastic shredding grinding milling machine working principle:
Synchronous use with shredding and crushing machines to efficiently recycle waste and leftover materials on the plastic product production line. The grinding chamber of the plastic shredding and crushing mill is a cutter head. The high-speed particles are partially crushed after impacting the tooth plate and drawn out by suction, while the larger particles continue to impact, and are drawn out after crushing. This reduces the load on the cutter head, improves the grinding efficiency, and enables the powder to be evenly cooled.

Features of Plastic shredding grinding milling machine:
A1: Closed dust treatment to minimize the dust in the workshop.
A2: Adjustable electromagnetic vibration feeding, the current is more stable when the mill is running.
A3: The discharge port of the cyclone separator is equipped with a shut-off fan, so there is basically no dust leakage.
A4: Use imported bearings, oil seals, and high-quality grease to ensure long-term normal operation of the equipment.
A5: The whole milling chamber is water-cooled to ensure that the properties of the materials do not change during the crushing process.
A6: The production efficiency is high, and the output is significantly higher than that of the old turbo mill.
A7: The door of the grinding chamber can be opened, which can quickly clean the grinding chamber and quickly and easily replace the moving knife and gears.
A8: High-quality accessories, high manufacturing requirements, and strict manufacturing process ensure the quality of the equipment.
A9: Simple structure, reliable and durable. The modular design allows the equipment to be installed in different directions according to the size of the workshop.

Technical datas of Plastic shredding grinding milling machine:

model SMF400 SMF500 SMF600 SMF800
rotary blade qty 18 24 28 40
fixed blade qty 10 12 15 20
main motor power 30kw 45kw 55kw 75kw
blade material high chromium alloy high chromium alloy high chromium alloy high chromium alloy
capacity around 100-150kg/h around 250kg/h around 350kg/h around 500kg/h
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