SMW-500/600/800 Plastic PVC pulverizer miller machine for pipe/profile/sheet/film/board/floor

The turbine plastic grinding machine series is used in the field of hard PVC recycling, such as the recycling of PVC plastics, PVC pipes/profiles/soft boards/bottles/cards from low to high hardness PVC material scraps.

Plastic PVC pulverizer miller machine is mainly composed of electric motor, disc blade, feeding fan, vibrating screen, dust removal system, etc. According to the customer’s raw material toner processing needs, you can also choose system raw material processing equipment such as vacuum feeders, screw feeders, magnetic frames, metal separators, chillers, pulse dust collectors, weighing and packaging machines.

Working principle of Plastic PVC miller machine:
The working core of the grinding mill is the cutterhead. After the high-speed particles hit the fixed knife and the tooth plate, part of them are crushed.
The machine extracts the particles, while the larger particles continue to impact and are extracted after being crushed. This reduces the load on the cutterhead and improves grinding efficiency.

A1: The powder efficiency is high and the powder can be cooled evenly. The temperature is calculated in terms of heat work equivalent: after work is done per hour, it is converted into 860 kcal of heat.
A2: The machine uses external ventilation with an air volume of 50 cubic meters/kilowatt. Most of the heat is taken away by the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet air. A small part is cooled by water.

Technical datas of Plastic PVC miller machine:

Model SMW-500 SMW-600 SMW-800
Diameter of disc (mm) ¢ 483 ±1 ¢583 ±1 ¢783 ±1
Rotary blade (pc) 24 28 36
Static blade (pc) 12 14 6
Main motor powder (kw) 37 45/55 75/110
Capacity (kg/h) 200-300 300-400 500-1000
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