The process of waste plastic crushing and grinding equipment:
Horizontal Power Crusher——Air Conveyor System (or Screw Feeder)——Metal Detector (Magnetic Frame)——-SMF Series Plastic Pulverizer— –Screw Feeder——Silo (Weighing Packaging System)

The principle of waste plastic crushing and grinding equipment:
Soft and hard PVC, SPC, WPC recycled materials are crushed to 8-10mm flakes by a horizontal strong crusher, and metals are removed through a metal detector or a magnetic frame through the air conveying system, and the recycled materials after removing metals enter through the material head. The main machine of the pulverizer is ground into fine powder under the action of the fixed knife and the movable knife inside the grinding chamber. The powder is driven by the fan and enters the vibrating screen for screening. The material port is conveyed to the silo or weighed and packaged by the screw feeder.

Technical datas of waste plastic crushing and grinding equipment:

Model SMF-380 SMF-400 SMF-500 SMF-600 SMF-800
380mm 450mm 500mm 600mm 800mm
15/8 20/10 24/12.5 26/14 40/20
4500rpm 4500rpm 4500rpm 4200rpm 3700rpm
Power main motor 15Kw 22Kw 37Kw 55Kw 75Kw
  blower 2.2Kw 3Kw 3Kw 4Kw 5.5Kw
Shaker size 800mm 800mm 800mm 1000mm 1200mm
Output size 10-100 mesh
Cooling type Air and Water
(For 30mesh)
PVC: 200kg PVC: 250kg PVC: 250kg PVC: 350kg PVC: 500kg
  P E: 150kg P E: 180kg P E: 200kg P E:250kg P E: 300kg
  P P:70kg P P: 80kg P P: 100kg P P: 160kg P P: 200kg
2500x2000x3000 2600x2100x3000 2600x2100x3000 2800x2300x3000 3200x2800x3200
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