What are the characteristics of the plastic tile production line


Features of plastic tile production line:
A1: The plastic tile production line adopts the high-speed and efficient SJZ-65-132 conical twin-screw extruder, and the screw adopts high-nitriding alloy wear-resistant screw, with high output of the whole line; extruder model: SJZ51/105, 55/ 120, 65/132, 80/156 are customized according to customer requirements.
A2: The plastic tile extrusion line adopts high-efficiency profile molds; the molds have double-out molds and four-out molds, and the failure rate is extremely low;
A3: The plastic tile production line is equipped with a chiller to ensure the molding effect of the PVC trunking.
It adopts ABB frequency converter or imported servo drive for speed regulation and traction, and the temperature control adopts imported Omron temperature control system, which has the characteristics of high temperature control accuracy and small temperature fluctuations.
A4: The traction machine of the PVC trunking production line adopts double rubber groove crawler traction machine, which is driven by imported bearings and ABB frequency converter or imported servo motor, which has the advantages of stable traction, strong grip and low energy consumption.What are the characteristics of the sheet production line
plastic tile production line
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