Stainless steel Plastic spiral double ribbon mixer blender for chemical/pharmaceutical

Ribbon mixer is a kind of high-efficiency mixing equipment, the output is from 500-6000L, it is widely used in stabilizer, double-wall corrugated pipe, winding pipe, pre-mixing of crushed material granulation, chemical industry, medicine, compound fertilizer, dyestuff, pigment Solid and solid (powder and powder), solid and liquid (powder) Body and glue liquid) material mixing.

working principle:
The horizontal ribbon mixer turns the material within the scope of the cylinder under the action of the inner and outer ribbons on the stirring shaft. The inner spiral belt pushes the material from the middle to both sides of the cylinder, and the outer spiral belt pushes the material from both sides of the cylinder to the center, and the material mixed back and forth moves and changes in the radial direction under the rotation of the spiral belt, thus forming Convective circulation. Due to the stirring of the above movement, the materials are mixed quickly and uniformly in a short time, so it is a high-efficiency mixing equipment with wide application, strong adaptability and good effect.

Structural features:
The main components of the horizontal ribbon mixer are motor, reducer, cylinder cover, cylinder body, feed inlet, main shaft, ribbon, sealing seat, bearing seat, discharge valve and other components.
A1. The horizontal ribbon mixer is a U-shaped horizontal cylinder. There are two layers of inner and outer ribbons on the stirring shaft. It has a unique structure, stable operation, reliable quality, low noise, long service life, and convenient installation and maintenance.
A2. The mixing speed is fast, the mixing uniformity is high, and the application is wide. In addition to powder mixing, it can also adapt to pasty materials with a certain viscosity.
A3. It can meet the mixing process of different materials, and can meet the mixing process conditions of heating or cooling. (This structure has a jacket type and can be selected separately)
A4. If there is a requirement for the spray liquid mixing process, a device that produces mist spray liquid can be configured. (this device can be optional)

Technical data for ribbon mixer:

Model(m3) WBS-0.5 WBS-1 WBS-2 WBS-3 WBS-4 WBS-5 WBS-6 WBS-8 WBS-10 WBS-12 WBS-15 WBS-20
Loading percent 0.4~0.6(60%)
Motor power(kw) 5.5 11 15 18.5 22 30 37 45 55 55 75 75
Speed(r/min) 62 42 42 33 33 28 28 26 20 20 17 17
Feeding size(mm) φ200 φ300 φ300 φ350 φ400 φ400 φ500 φ500 φ500 φ500 φ500 φ500
Discharge size(mm)
Weight(kgs) 900 1500 2300 3200 3800 4500 5200 6800 8500 9200 9800 12600


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